Corkcicle Arctican

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It’s hot outside. Your beer is cold. This is good. Set your beer down. Your beer is now hot. This defies certain laws of physics, we know. But it happens. The Corkcicle people (cork + icicle) would like you to meet Arctican (arctic + can), a high-tech can koozie with freezing gel and vacuum insulation that will eradicate the hot beer paradox.

The bottom goes in your freezer, the cold can goes in the sleeve. Screw in the frozen bottom and your beer stays cold for up to 3 hours. (If it takes you 3 hours to finish a can of beer, we need to talk.) There’s a felt sleeve to make your 12 ounce bottles fit too. Science and technology coming together to banish hot beer forever. Makes you want to Dreer. (Drink+beer? Maybe we’ll leave fancy naming to the professionals.) – Buy It


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