CRKT Cimbri Camp Axe

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We’re all for change and innovation. But some stuff out there just needs a little upgrade to perfect the original design. This axe, for example, started life over a millenia ago as the Francisca, the preferred throwing axe of the Franks in the Middle Ages. When knife designer Elmer Roush saw an example of the axe in a museum’s collection, he liked the cut of the weapon’s jib and went home to create his own, inspired by the simple power of the original.

Modernization for the resulting Cimbri Camp Axe includes a hot-forged carbon steel head, coated in black magnesium phosphate for corrosion protection, and a Tennessee hickory handle. The 26 inch axe weighs a satisfying two pounds and while you’ll no longer use it to ward off Roman forces, it’s a handsome tool that will no doubt come into use next time you camp.