Crown Royal Texas Mesquite

Crown Royal Texas Mesquite


Here’s some information to consider: Inside Crown Royal’s fifty warehouses, there are more barrels of whisky than there are people in Manitoba. Manitoba is the Canadian province where Crown Royal is distilled and 1.3 million people live there. 1.3 million people is also the number of people living in San Antonio, Texas. Manitoba is the size of Texas. And this new offering from Crown Royal incorporates Texas mesquite wood. Could all of this just be coincidence? Absolutely.

Once you get past the (not actually) outlandish serendipity surrounding this new whisky, you’re left with a Canadian whisky that’s remarkably smooth (thanks to the blend of fifty different whiskies CR uses to make its signature spirit) that carries undertones of smoky, spicy wood, along with notes of vanilla and caramel, with a finish reminiscent of barbecue and molasses. It’s a taste that’s distinct but familiar — but most assuredly not a coincidence. Learn more at Crown Royal.


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