Curtiss The One Motorcycle

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Riders come in different sizes which makes it difficult to make a motorcycle comfortable for everyone. Until now. Introducing Curtiss The One Motorcycle, a bike tailored to be the perfect fit for you. 

Curtiss uses a rider-centric motorcycle design and the end result is a bike that fits like a glove. In their own words, the One feels as though it “is created to fit each client like it was made from scratch just for him or her.”

They begin with one of the most unique chassis designs in the industry. Inspired by aircraft engineering, the triple load path architecture features precision digital milling to achieve perfect consistency compared to traditional building methods. The chassis is strong, sturdy, durable and lightweight. It is also very slim, a true engineering marvel. 

A power pak doubles as a radiator for the electric bike. The design submerges the cells in a non-conductive coolant to maintain a safe battery operating temperature at all times. This power pak also plays a crucial role in adding foundational reinforcement to the chassis design. Curtiss calls this design a structural radiator battery monocoque.

As for the powertrain, there is only an axial flux motor. There is no gearbox or clutch because shifting gears is not necessary with this motor. The proprietary motor provides shunt-free access to power and torque without breaking a sweat. 

The Curtiss The One Motorcycle sends power from the motor to the rear wheel using a maintenance-free toothed belt drive. Best of all, the motor is between the horizontal and vertical axis of the chassis to achieve perfect balance. 

Curtiss states some motor settings will be fully adjustable in the future through cloud-based software updates. Initial numbers are impressive, Curtiss provides the power and torque numbers in three different states of operation.


  • 217 hp (Future-Proof Capable)
  • 120 hp (Peak)
  • 87 hp (Steady)


  • 272 lb-ft (Future-Proof Capable)
  • 147 lb-ft (Peak)
  • 120 lb-ft (Steady)

Compared to most traditional bike designs, the One offers more ground clearance and a lower seat height position. This translates to a comfortable riding experience. From the stunning articulation of stylish contemporary design to the cutting-edge technology behind it, this is the One electric motorcycle many riders have been waiting for. 

Now that it is here, what are you waiting for? You can already start building yours to see what options are available. If you like it, you can put in your reservation to ride into the future on a Curtiss. Is this the One for you?

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