Curtiss Warhawk Motorcycle

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This is not your average motorcycle. That’s apparent just looking at it. And while the build itself is impressive, the story of its genesis is almost as intriguing. Almost. First the facts: The Curtiss Warhawk is powered by a big 132 cubic inch triple camshaft V-twin, with 150 brake horsepower output on a bike with a wet weight of 570 pounds.

The chassis is an aluminum monocoque with a double wishbone parallelogram front fork and a fabricated rear aluminum swing arm. It gets a top speed of over 165 mph and to get one in your garage, you’ll pay just over the $112k mark.

It’s the first and the last of its kind for Curtiss Motorcycle Co. Since the nineties, they’ve been known as Alabama-based Confederate Motors, making burly, internal combustion V-Twin bikes. As of this year, they’ve taken on the name Curtiss (after the inventor of the V-Twin motorcycle) and will switch to all electric propulsion for their builds. It’s a hello and a goodbye. And what an entrance/exit.

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