Custom 1972 Ford Bronco

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Originally developed as an off-road vehicle, the Ford Bronco has established itself over the years with a reputation for being reliable and affordable.The Bronco became iconic over the years with some drivers looking for a truck that was not as big as a full sized pickup, but still a functional utility vehicle.

The original Ford Bronco chassis was custom made for that specific model range, not to be shared with any other Ford or Lincoln-Mercury. To keep things simple, all models were made and sold with four-wheel drive. Another idea to lower production costs was to offer the Bronco with just the 3-speed column-shifted manual transmission and floor-mounted transfer case shifter. Eventually a floor-mounted transmission became a popular modification among Bronco enthusiasts for a more user-friendly driving experience.

Redline Restorations got their hands on a tastefully renovated, fully loaded 1972 Ford Bronco and people can’t stop drooling over it. There are many aftermarket mods and improvements to the vehicle, such as the Bilstein suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and large 35” tires that make this truck ideal for any Bronco enthusiast. Custom fitted with a 5-speed manual transmission, fuel injection, and air conditioning that was not available from the factory; this Bronco comes ready to roll. 

Featuring a stealthy silver metallic exterior paint to go with the black leather interior, this does not look like your average Bronco from the seventies. Even the dashboard was custom fabricated to allow for a comfortable experience behind the wheel. A Kenwood audio system is installed to provide you with plenty of tunes while enjoying whatever terrain you are encountering. Finally, a roll cage has been fitted to provide you with peace of mind when off-roading in this custom Ford Bronco. With just a little over 2000 miles on the build, this custom 1972 Bronco will turn heads for years to come.

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