Dacia Manifesto Concept Car

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How would you like to feel like you are one with nature behind the wheel of a fully-open SUV? That’s right, the Dacia Manifesto Concept Car does not have doors, windows, or even a front windshield. It truly is just you and the open road. Although, it should be noted, the Manifesto is a fully capable all-terrain electric vehicle meaning that roads are entirely optional.

Designed using an eco-smart approach, this concept EV is the perfect way to get some fresh air while spending time in The Great Outdoors. It is built to withstand the elements while being practical and capable of bringing you where you need to go.

Dacia Manifesto Concept Car

The Dacia Manifesto features four-wheel-drive and high ground clearance. With its large all-terrain airless tires, the Manifesto does not shy away from snow, rain, mud, or other challenging terrain in its way. Plus, you will not ever have to worry about getting a flat tire in the wilderness.

Need to pitch a tent in the mountains to grab some shut-eye? No problem, simply remove the seat covers which double as a sleeping bag and you’ll be cozy in your tent. In a pinch? No problem, just use the winch. The Manifesto has one.

You can haul a wide range of different cargo types with the Dacia Concept Car. It features a multi-purpose roof that can fold out if you need to. The roof also features adjustable roof bars to help secure various types of luggage should you need to use them. Even the back of the Dacia Manifesto is as versatile as the vehicle itself since it doubles as a table or workbench should you need it.

From turning recycled plastic into Starkle, a composite material used throughout the Manifesto, to keeping the vehicle as lightweight as possible, Dacia wants you to explore the world without consuming it. 

Now that you want the Dacia Manifesto Concept Car, it is probably time to let you know the company does not plan on producing it. Who knows though? Perhaps they will release something similar down the road. Only time will tell.

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