Damen Yachting SeaXplorer 105

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When you’re running through the checklist of your yacht must-haves, do you find yourself jotting down things like “helicopter hanger,” “indoor swimming pool,” “fully appointed spa,” and “outdoor cinema”? We’ve found the yacht you need. The SeaXplorer 105 is an eight-deck, 345-foot superyacht built by Damen Yachting and not only does it have all of the aforementioned bonkers amenities, it also happens to have an icebreaker hull so you can enjoy that luxury as you navigate the Northwest Passage.

Damen Yachting SeaXplorer 105

Since you’ll want to share the experience of your super yacht, the SeaXplorer 105 has a party deck for 200 guests, though at the end of the night you’ll have to ask 176 of them to return to shore as the sleeping accommodations max out at 24 (with additional beds for 28 crew, 12 staff, and a Captain). There’s a 3,000-square-foot spa area complete with gym, pool, sauna, and massage rooms, and a bow point observation deck and lounge complete with a full bar.  

Propelled by a hybrid diesel electric, the yacht carries enough fuel and supplies for an 8,000 nautical mile voyage. You can stay aboard your superyacht for weeks — and with all that it has going for it, we can’t think of any reason you’d want to leave.

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