Damn Handsome Hoppy Mint Lip Balm

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We all know what goes into beer — grains, yeast, water hops. But then what? Well, right, then you get beer. But after beer, where does it all go? Damn Handsome up there in Kalamazoo, Michigan saw this abundance of cast-off ingredients: spent grains, used hops — all the “bottom of the barrel” stuff after beer becomes beer — and realized a lot of it is naturally good for skin and hair (or in this case, lips).

Lucky for men everywhere, they took those beer leavings and and combined it with other good things (essential oils, plant ingredients) to make grooming products for men. Their Hoppy Mint Lip Balm uses Cascade hops along with other things lips approve of like avocado oil, mango butter and peppermint oil to make a no-nonsense balm. Swipe some on and pucker up for your next beer. – $8

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