Damn Handsome Tattoo Rescue

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18 is an excellent age. You can vote, drive, enlist. You can move out, or stay at home and enjoy a few more years of home cooked meals. You can decide on a whim to get a lower back tattoo, blissfully unaware that you’ll resort to telling others that it’s the Japanese character for ‘regret’ in just a few short years. Ahh, 18.

Damn Handsome Tattoo Rescue can’t change the decisions you made when you were 18. It can help keep them looking good and healthy, though. The vegan tattoo balm is crafted with natural ingredients and designed for use on both fresh and existing tattoos alike.

The alcohol solvents and petroleum found in most tattoo balms are absent from Tattoo Rescue. Instead, it’s packed with mango butter, hops, shea butter, olive oil, candelilla wax, and hemp seed oil. Sage and lemongrass lend their anti-fungal properties and sweet scents to the balm and help to heal and protect old and new ink. Each 2 oz tin is handmade in small batches in Portland, Oregon using the mineral-rich residue left behind from the craft brewing process. – $24

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