Daneson Single Malt & Bourbon Flavored Toothpicks

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Outside of helping you look like a hard-riding cowboy, slicked-back motorcycle greaser, or mob heavy, having a toothpick on hand is nicer than you might imagine. They’re obviously useful after a meal, but a toothpick can also be a great way to keep yourself occupied (particularly if you’re trying to stop smoking).

But Daneson’s Single Malt & Bourbon Flavored Toothpicks are something beyond even this. Deeply infused with your favorite whisk(e)y flavors, they’re a delightful treat for connoisseurs of all things fine spirits. 

With just a small bite, each bespoke birch toothpick will begin to release the essence of the spirit inside—smokey and peaty Islay Scotch studded with vanilla and cloves, or the leather and caramel and stone fruit of a well-aged bourbon. They’re a wonderful gift for a loved one (or for yourself). Pair them with The James Brand’s Randolph Cache for easy everyday carry.

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