Dango Capsule Slide

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Just when you thought your everyday carry essentials were all set and perfectly curated, Dango comes along with a product that’s so essential, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Or rather, it’s so ingenious and innovative that you’d be surprised you didn’t have one up until now.

Naturally, we’re talking about the Dango Capsule Slide, another pick that’s compatible with plenty of other Dango EDC picks, all the better to free up your pockets while storing everything from medication to charging cables or SD cards (you know, all those must-haves that you’ve gotta keep close at hand and yet also need to not fumble around with). 

It also works hand-in-hand with Dango’s A-Series items, all the better to keep your EDC sleek and functional. The Capsule Slide’s use of aerospace-grade aluminum is also cool-as-can-be and durable as heck. Anything you might need to store beyond your typical EDC, this thing can handle it. 

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