Dango Capsule Wide

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The aim of the EDC movement is to get you organized and prepared for anything that comes your way, while hauling a minimum amount of excess. Dango has been helping us with each of those goals for years, and doing it better than most. Now they’ve released the Dango Capsule Wide, an option for making sure you always have those small necessities that either get lost at the bottom of your pocket or pack, or never manage to get included in your kit because they just plain get forgotten. 

The Dango Capsule Wide can hold coins, a spare key, some aspirin or medication, micro SD cards, it can even hold two of Dango’s regular sized capsules. It’s food safe, waterproof, and machined from aerospace-grade aluminum — anything you put in it will stay secure and there’s no need to baby the thing itself. To attach the Capsule Wide to your pack or belt, Dango is throwing in a paracord and metal clip. Measuring just six inches, the paracord unravels to a full ten feet, adding one more dose of utility to your EDC.

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