Dango Covert X iPhone Case

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You can tell just by looking at some people that they’re carrying an iPhone with a cracked screen. There’s nothing specific; you just know. Your brain completes a series of equations and sends back a response: that dude has a broken phone. If you’re particularly astute, you might even know the model.

The Dango Covert Case for the iPhone X has something to offer everyone. For guys who have it together and don’t give off an air of ‘cracked iPhone 5,’ you can rest assured that your iPhone X is well-protected in the sleek and durable hard-wearing, shock-absorbing TPU case. Available in Jet Black, Grey, and Olive Drab Green, the flexible case also includes a lanyard which can function as a hand strap, offering an extra level of safety for those who are trying to break a pattern of clumsiness instead of their phone. If you’ve already spent the rent money on a phone, drop some beer money on a case to protect it. – $22

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