Dango TK-01 Trek Watch

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When you find a watch that’s remarkably functional and tough, yet uniquely stylish and well-suited to the office or the bar in equal measure, that’s a watch you act quickly to snag — and then proceed to wear non-stop.

The Dango TK-01 Trek Watch is that remarkable timepiece precisely, blending a tough Horween leather strap with a sharp, contrasting black dial for a classic “black-and-tan” effect that’s about as pleasing to your watch collection as a classic “Black and Tan” beer is to your palette. In other words: Very pleasing indeed. Featuring a durable 45mm 316L stainless steel case and a 45-month battery life, the Dango TK-01 Trek Watch is simply a wristwatch not to be trifled with.

Wear it now with a blue Oxford shirt and charcoal chinos, then keep it handy to wear with a flannel shirt, a thermal henley and classic dark denim as colder temperatures descend — the Dango TK-01 Trek Watch is absolutely all business, all the time.

“Remarkably functional and tough.” –

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