Deal: 40% Off Hood Rubber Co. Wayland Boot

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What to do when you want to brave the elements and yet still maintain an element of style — superb style, that is? It’s simple, really — grab the durable, pleasingly functional Hood Rubber Co. Wayland Boot, a go-anywhere pair that’ll have you set for the harshest of fall weekend conditions.

The full-grain leather upper is handsome, stylish and waterproof, a heck of a combo to pair up with your favorite jeans or chinos. And the rubberized leather lower portion makes for another added layer of utility, while the airflow footbed keeps your feet water-free, no matter how bad it gets out there.

Waxed cotton laces also add a nice element of style; these clearly aren’t your average rain boots, and you should dress accordingly. From tough blue denim and a crewneck sweatshirt to a blue Oxford and grey chinos for a day on the go, feel free to get out and explore as much as you can with these boots. – $185

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