Death Wish Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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What must coffee be, above all else? It must be strong. Death Wish Coffee promises they make the world’s strongest coffee—and have a money-back guarantee to back it up. If you find a coffee that’s stronger, they’ll gladly give you a refund. And now Death Wish is making a canned cold brew. No cream. No sugar. Just pure black coffee made strong through the combination of selected organic beans and their (rather secretive) roasting process.

On top of the quality and strength, these 11-ounce cans are nitrogen-infused. Nitrogen is getting a lot of play in cold brew these days. Similar to the creamy effect it gives to, say a pint of Guinness, nitrogen permeates the brew with tiny bubbles, giving it a thicker, creamier body—without the cream. Keep a 4-pack in your fridge for an instant morning (or whenever) cold caffeine drop-kick. – $15

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