Demerit Badges

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So maybe you were in the Boy Scouts and then you weren’t and got a little sad that people stopped giving you embroidered fabric to commemorate your accomplishments. Or maybe you just like patches. Either way, Demerit Badges are a way to not only show off your pride (mountain peaks you’ve hiked, quitting smoking) but also to acknowledge your disasters (burning marshmallows, drowning your phone).

There are hundreds of these, from the general (a snowflake for winter enthusiasts) to the amusingly specific (fishhook to the hand) to the slightly bizarre (roadkill badge, anyone?). They’re all an inch and a half diameter (same as the BSofA badges) and come with or without a pressure-sensitive adhesive that sticks to most anything — backpacks, jackets, helmets or, yes, even a sash. – $4

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