Deus Ex Machina Honda GL-200 Easy Tiger

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Deus ex Machina’s influence extends past the nuts and bolts of their custom motorcycles. Since 2006, Deus ex Machina has inspired a culture of creativity and acceptance across the globe. The Deus ex Machina Honda GL-200 Easy Tiger is another hit from the custom bike builders.

The client requested a customized BratStyle motorbike. After a series of text messages between the client and Deus ex Machina, a Honda Tiger GL-200 donor bike made its way into the shop.  

Let the modifications begin. Deus ex Machina gave the Easy Tiger a low riding height combined with bigger rims wrapped in Firestone tires. Customized switches and indicators add to the stylish appeal of the gloss black paint job.

Deus ex Machina gave the Easy Tiger bigger front forks combined with a perfectly balanced subframe. The custom padded seat adds to the comfortable riding theme of the Easy Tiger.  


In typical Deus ex Machina fashion, the Easy Tiger features plenty of handmade parts. A few of the handmade fabrications include the ally tank, billet Aluminum control gear, and both fenders. From here, the builders stripped the GL-200 to its core as Deus ex Machina cleaned or replaced the parts upon reassembly. A stainless fastener kit holds the Easy Tiger together now. 

Deus ex Machina was sad to ship the Honda GL-200 Easy Tiger to Jakarta upon completion. There is no doubt their client is happy with the bike. The Deus ex Machina Honda GL-200 Easy Tiger is another example of a custom build done the right way.

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