Dimitri Bez Zebra Boat

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Like a colorful pre-war home outfitted with smart home technology, the Zebra Boat is classic on the outside and powered by a modern electric motor on the inside. Design-wise, it’s basically the iconic Sea Maid Wooden Ski Boat from 1947, only with a curved OLED touchscreen for a dashboard.

Dimitri Bez Zebra Boat

Parisian industrial designer Dimitri Bez ensured the boat was luxuriously built with materials like full-grain leather and dark wood. Chrome lines fortify the wooden panels used to make the boat’s sleek geometric pattern. This is complemented by a bold orange interior for an aesthetic so timelessly stylish, it could’ve been inspired by a swanky ‘60s martini lounge or a distant future spacecraft.

On top of that, the electric motors are eco-friendly, low impact, and one of the quietest propulsion options out there.

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