Celia & Perah DIY Bluetooth Speaker

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Once upon a time your music came to you from the dude playing the fiddle or banging a drum next to you. Now it’s digitized and etherized, sent pinging from a server to a satellite to your phone to a receiver in the bluetooth speaker next to you. For all of us who crave a little more agency when it comes to the music we hear, might we suggest building your own speaker? 

Celia & Perah DIY Bluetooth Speaker

This build-it-yourself mono speaker from Celia & Perah won’t require taking an engineering course at your local community college, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment once you put it together. It comes with laser-cut boards, nuts, screws, and all the internal components you need, plus instructions for the under-an-hour assembly.

When you’re done, you’ll have a retro, squeeze box-design speaker that pumps out quality sound and deep base, either from bluetooth, USB, aux, or FM radio — and you’ll feel one step closer to understanding this vast, technological world.

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