The Doomsday Alarm Clock

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Want an alarm that gets you up—and keeps you up? Give a listen to the Doomsday Alarm Clock. It’s new, it’s free, and it’s surprising.

To say the least, the Doomsday Alarm Clock is a disruptive, depressing, and disturbing alarm app. You choose a doomsday scenario for the next morning, and go to sleep. The next thing you know, you’re jolted awake by bone-chilling facts about our eventual demise. 

For the sound of your alarm, you get to choose between:

  • Global Warming
  • Nuclear War
  • Asteroid Strike
  • Super Volcanic Eruption
  • Evil Artificial Intelligence

In other words, you wake up to how the world could end. Give it a try. You might just find yourself fully awake and unable to roll back into bed after this alarm goes off.

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