Drako Motors GTE Supercar

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Close your eyes and picture the love child of a Corvette and a Viper and you’ll have a rough idea of what the Drako GTE Supercar looks like.  A low, aggressive stance is complemented by a dominating front fascia with three air intakes and elegant curvature that glides from the hood to the tapered rear window.  Of course, looks aren’t everything. 

Supercars are all about performance and this sweet ride delivers with four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each), 6,500 ft-lbs of torque, and 1200 hp, resulting in tops speeds of up to 206 mph. 

What will really blow you away, though, is the torque vectoring, controlled by precision console switches, that allows you to corner at enormous speeds without loss of traction or control.

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