Dry Brew Chewable Coffee

Dry Brew Chewable Coffee

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Scenario one: you sent your personal assistant home and there’s no one to get you coffee. Scenario two: you do not employ a personal assistant and there’s no one to get you coffee. For those times when you need the caffeine fix but don’t have the time or inclination to get/make yourself a cup of joe, chewable coffee just might be your answer.

This version from Dry Brew only has three ingredients: coffee, non-dairy creamer, and no-calorie sweetener. Missing here are the caffeine derivatives and fake coffee flavor other coffee chews like to add. Both the coffee buzz and the coffee taste come from actual (albeit dry) medium roast coffee. How do they do it? Considering they have a patent on their condensing process we’re guessing it’s more complicated than just letting a mug of java sit for two weeks. Don’t question it, just get your caffeine buzz and move on. – Buy It


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