Ducati DesertX Motorcycle

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It’s no secret Ducati owns the hearts of bikers everywhere. Even Trinity expresses her passion for the Italian bike maker in The Matrix Resurrections. The all-new Ducati DesertX Motorcycle only adds to an already impressive legacy.

When you are not busy owning the streets with a Ducati, you might as well own the dunes with the DesertX. Fans of Dakar racing already know Ducati dominates off-road bike racing as well. The DesertX simply gives you a chance to carve the sand like an authentic Dakar racer.

As the first Ducati to ever offer a 21-inch front wheel with an 18-inch rear wheel, the DesertX is definitely built a little differently. It also has a frame specifically engineered for off-road riding. The Kayaba long stroke suspension system is really only icing on the cake, you’ll really appreciate it after landing some big-air hops. 

You also have 9.8 inches of ground clearance with the DesertX. There are six different riding modes you can choose from with plenty of options for both urban and off-road use. Just keep in mind, the dirt is where this bike really shines.

Performance is what Ducati is all about. For the DesertX, that begins with the ultra lightweight engine design. The all-new 937 cc Testastretta 11th desmo engine is actually 3.7 pounds lighter than the previous version. It also has 110 horsepower with 67.5 pound-feet of torque to give the new DesertX plenty of pep in its step.

Ducati famously uses a twin-cylinder engine design on their motorcycles. Smooth in the low end but with torque on tap whenever you want to rip it wide open. Very fun to ride and an absolute pleasure to hear.

Riding a Ducati DesertX Motorcycle opens your world to a plethora of adventure possibilities. You can go anywhere your heart desires and when you see no road you will be thinking, no problem. Get ready to experience the freedom of riding with Ducati swag.

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