Edgestar Mini Kegerator & Tap

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Edgestar Mini Kegerator and TapMost men prefer the taste of draft beer over any form of bottled hops. Acquiring a keg makes for an epic weekend, but is expensive, and not very portable. The Edgestar Mini Kegerator provides you with draft beer goodness, while being portable enough to carry to a tailgating party or over to your neighbor’s pool while they’re out of town. With electronic temperature controls for maintaining optimum drinking temperatures, the Mini Kegerator utilizes an advanced Pressure Technology dispensing system for tapping into a Heineken DraughtKeg. If you prefer domestic beer instead, an optional CO2 kit is available for tapping into any other 5-Liter Keg you can find—and if you prefer not to drink draft beer at all, then enjoy your PBR in a can and check out our Beer Stuff instead.
EdgeStar Mini Kegerator & Tap $130

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