Edgevale Cast Iron Utility Pants

Edgevale Cast Iron Utility Pants

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We admit, when we first heard “cast iron pants” we pictured something durable, yes. But also really heavy and… clanging. Luckily Edgevale is offering pants made from a figurative cast iron. It’s their proprietary duck cotton and nylon fabric with 4 times the abrasion resistance of other duck cotton workwear material. These are cut straight leg in the crotch and thigh with a gradual taper to a slim fit below the knee.

The Cast Iron Utility Pants come in colors Moss, Timber, Wheat and Smoke Black with utility details like doubled knees, quick-draw pockets and a reinforced front pocket to handle the extra wear from your knife clip. Edgevale started out with a rugged, but classically styled shirt jacket and still makes all their clothes in California. – $139

Cast Iron Utility Pants


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