EJDER YELCIN 4X4 Combat Vehicle

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Its not everyday that society completely breaks down, zombies walk the Earth, and life as we know it changes permanently. But it pays dividends to prepared should the day come. Meet the Ejder Yalcin, an armored 4×4 combat vehicle designed for Turkish military operational use in both urban and rural battlefronts.

Along with an impressive payload of 4 tons and room for up to 11 crewmen, the Ejder Yalcin boasts a variety of weapon systems and the best protection features money can buy such as armored plate ballistic protection, a unique V-shaped body and suspended seats with floating floor plates that provide additional IED explosion and mine blast protection.

Optional features — for those who prefer all of the bells and whistles — include a rescue winch, a remote operated weapons station, a grenade launcher, night vision, a rear ramp, and an integrated explosion and fire suppression system. Learn more at Nurol Makina.

Ejder Yalcin Combat Vehicle

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