ElevationLab Elevation Dock 5

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The search for the perfect way to charge and view your phone simultaneously has ended. ElevationLab has what you want. The Elevation Dock 5 is a simply designed steel-and-silicone dock. It works with Apple’s lightning cable to charge and hold upright any iPhone (5 or later) and most iPads. A steel adjuster knob in the back gets your phone to the right angle for viewing. There’s a microsuction bottom that holds fast to any smooth surface so you can pick up and dock your phone one handed. 

Elevationlab Elevation Dock 5

True, there are wireless chargers that do the job of holding your phone at the right angle while charging, but most of those are for the brand new Magsafe-enabled models. Also, even the fastest wireless charging is slower than wired. The only problem with the Dock 5 is you’ll probably want to get two. One for the desk and one for your bedside table.     

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