Emerald Point Beachfront Estate, Turks and Caicos Islands

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Ever since the Age of Exploration, wealthy aristocrats have dreamed of retiring to the shores of an island in the Caribbean. That sentiment was made even more rabid in the American public after GIs returned from war with stories of Polynesian paradises, and now everybody can at least entertain the fantasy of sipping a long drink, laying in a hammock on a hot day, and watching the ocean from their beachfront home.

Emerald Point Beachfront Estate, Turks and Caicos Islands

If you’d like to fantasize about something even grander, allow us to show you Beach House 2 from The Peninsula at Emerald Estate. For a cool 14.5 million dollars, it offers the finest in modern contemporary design alongside six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a huge pool, outdoor gardens and patio, and its own dedicated dock (for your boat, of course). Oh, and it’s positioned directly at the north shore, with an acre of beach to call your own and perfect ocean views all around.

Price: $14,450,000

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