Endeavor Archetype Legacy Snowboard

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If you’ve ever wanted to look like a snow-shredding ninja straight out of the future, now’s your chance: Endeavor’s newest edition of their groundbreaking Archetype snowboards ups the ante on every downhill performance detail, all within a minimalist and aggressive shell that’s totally distinctive.

Each one of these boards starts with a premium poplar and paulownia base, reinforced with birch for added stability. Taken together, that makes the Archetype Legacy just flexible enough to carve hard, but tough enough that it will keep its shape turn after hard turn. That durability is further enhanced with a carbon and fiberglass pre-tension treatment, eliminating the need for a lacquer finish and leaving the board jet-black to boot. Top that all off with a Dura Surf 4001 Sintered base, and you get an incredibly slick and smooth ride that’s really built to last.

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