Enter Night Pilsner

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Metallica recently made waves with the release of their Blackened Whiskey, and it looks like they’re ready to parlay that success into a broader alcoholic empire.  Enter the Enter Night Pilsner, made in collaboration with Stone Brewing’s Arrogant Bastard Brewing arm.  Rebranded as Arrogant Consortia late last year, the company claims to be “crusaders raging against tyrannical mediocrity”, one brew at a time, apparently.

As for Metallica’s first foray into the world of malted barley and hops, the Enter Night Pilsner (the name of which fans will recognize from the lyrics to “Enter Sandman” from The Black Album) is purported to be crisp, refreshing, and totally transcendent.  It also delivers 5.7% alcohol by volume and an IBU rating of 45. – Learn More

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