Essential Camping Gear

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Before you head into the bush on your next camping trip, stock up on some essential camping gear to get you through another great season.

Gerber Freescape Flashlight ($49)
Designed for outdoor activities thanks to an all-weather IPX7 rating, textured handle, and bright green accents. Additional features include 200 lumens of high output light along with a red LED mode, a loop lanyard that protects the on/off switch from being triggered by accident, and an angled design that prevents it from rolling away from you in the dark.

Fiskars Unbreakable Hatchet ($26)
Chops up to three times deeper than a traditional axe thanks to an optimized balance and power-to-weight ratio, and ultra sharp blade. The FiberComp handle and PermaHead insert-molded exe head render it pretty much unbreakable.

Poler 1-Man Tent ($180)
Lightweight aluminum poles, a modular doorway, taped and sealed seams, and a waterproof coating make the Poler One-Man Tent your cozy home away from home in the wilderness. Includes a down line, tent stakes, and a repair patch kit.

Biolite Campstove ($130)
The most essential piece of camping gear on the list, this wood-burning stove lights quickly, boils water in less than five minutes, and effectively converts heat to electricity, allowing you to charge your smart devices so you can stay connected miles from the nearest outlet.

UCO Stormproof Match Kit ($8)
Equally as important as the stove you’re cooking on are your tools for lighting it, and the UCO Stormproof Match Kit has you covered. Inside the floatable waterproof container lies 3 strikers plus 25 stormproof Matches that will burn for up to 15 seconds in wind or rain.

SOL Origin Survival Tool ($30)
Encased in ABS waterproof plastic, the virtually indestructible SOL Origin Survival Tool is equipped with ten essential tools needed to survive the elements such as a fire-starter, a knife with a built-in LED light, nylon cord, and a fishing kit.

Mountain Hardwear Hueco 20 ($56)
With plenty of zippered pockets, padding, reinforcements, and a stowable rope strap, the Hueco 20 backpack by Mountain Hardwear will allow you to comfortably carry all of your camping gear with room to spare.

Vapur Eclipse Collapsible Water Bottle ($15)
Whether its water you’re drinking or your own concoction of hops and barley, the Vapur Eclipse Collapsible Water Bottle makes outdoor hydration a cinch thanks to a foldable design, a flip top cap for one-handed use, and an integrated carabiner for attaching to your backpack while you’re on the move.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Thermos ($25)
Stanley has had a hand in essential camping gear for many decades, and for good reason. They’re classic Vacuum Thermos will never rust, boasts a lifetime warranty, and features an easy-pour stopper and an 8-ounce lid that doubles as a drinking cup.

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