Everyday Carry: Porsche

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Since their first cars rolled off the assembly line in 1948, Porsche has been wowing auto enthusiasts and design lovers alike. So to pay respect to the auto giant’s impeccable German engineering, we’ve put together a list of our favorite Porsche-inspired everyday carry items.

Tag Heuer Carrera Special Edition Porsche Chronograph

Tag Heuer Carrera Special Edition Porsche Chronograph

If you demand as much precision from your watch as you do from your car, then Tag Heuer’s Carrera Special Edition Porsche Chronograph is practically made for you. Its striking asphalt tone face, racing dial details, and automatic chronograph movement make it a true marvel of timekeeping engineering, complete with Porsche details.

Vallon Howlin' Sunglasses

Vallon Howlin’ Sunglasses

Thinking of hitting the road in your Boxster? Then you’ll need a solid pair of sunglasses to keep the sun and wind out of your eyes. Vallon’s Howlin’ Sunglasses are the perfect fit, with a squared-off aviator look and optional head strap for high-speed driving. They’re as slick and functional as a Porsche, and that’s why they’ve made this list.

Dango M1 R-Spec Wallet

Dango M1 R-Spec Wallet

Porsche’s influence on design has stretched way, way outside of automotive engineering—and even into Dango’s M1 R-Spec Wallet. Inspired by the sexy look and feel of racecars, it’s built out of carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum to give it both great looks and top notch performance and durability.

Formawerx Porsche 911 Ignition Key (matte black)

Formawerx Porsche 911 Ignition Key

Whether you have a Porsche 911 or only dream of having one, picking up one of Formawerx’s uniquely designed ignition keys is a must. Made from CNC-machined 303 stainless steel, it’s a statement piece whose design imitates the flat-six engine of the Porsche 911.

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