Exod Monolith Shelter Tent

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It looks like a futuristic tree house or perhaps a spaceship escape pod, but the Exod Monolith Shelter Tent is a true piece of gear—a camping innovation. Once taken out of its Narnia-like packsack, this tent can be set up in a good 15 seconds, once you’re used to it of course. 

The airframe, made out of TPU and polyester, provides stable yet portable bones to the rest of the remarkable build. You can even rig it to some trees, hammock style, for a hover-house situation. The ripstop nylon and PU-coated membrane, gives you a breathable interior habitat, while protecting you from rain and bugs. It won’t protect you from bears, but they’ll likely be too distracted with how cool your tent looks to steal your sandwiches.

Price: $995

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