Fantom Wallet

Fantom F10 Wallet


Avoid the dreaded Costanza curse — an overstuffed wallet a la legendary Seinfeld character George Costanza — and reach for a slim, well-made and durable wallet from Fantom, sure to solve all of your everyday carry needs. As we always say, there are standard wallets, and there are wallets that are a cut above the rest — like this quick access slim wallet.

We know this: It’s quite like anything else you’ve seen on the market, that we can guarantee. It’s got the capacity to carry six to 10 cards, and it’ll slip easily into the pocket of your denim jacket or the front pocket of your slim chinos — no sweat. It’s also super-lightweight, at just 1oz. — that’s an exceptional upgrade over any other bulky wallet on the market, and you’re getting this wallet for under $60.

Considering the value and longevity you’re going to get from the Fantom Wallet, it’s absolutely worth it now to shell out a little more than you’re used to paying for a wallet. – Shop Now

Fantom Wallet


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