FedEx SameDay Bot

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The “last mile” problem is a thing. Shipping a package across the globe is easy enough, getting it to your front door is another thing entirely. By some estimates, delivering a package to its final destination accounts for 53% of the cost of shipping. Since just about nobody pays for shipping any more — directly anyway — chances are, this last mile problem isn’t actually a problem for you. But you can bet it is for FedEx.

The SameDay Bot is the shipping giant’s idea to get stuff to your door. The wheels are designed to navigate rocks, sand, puddles, even steps and the built-in sensors are continually making the bot aware of its surroundings. AI will play a big role in helping the bot figure out the best way to get to you, without getting smashed by a truck or rolling over a schnauzer on the way. (No word yet on how they’re gonna stop bored kids from pranking it.) The The prototype is still in development and testing this year, but look for a friendly FedEx bot bringing you boxes of shoes and shirts in the near future. – Learn More

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