Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

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From their iconic Prancing Horse logo to their legendary performance, Ferrari keeps finding more ways to build upon their own legacy. The new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo continues that heritage for the Italian supercar manufacturer.

In a car this fast, the balance between aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics is very important. Ferrari approached the 488 Challenge Evo with a goal of maximizing these two factors. Balancing the way tires interact and respond to the combination of downforce with electronic controls influences the final performance. Everything from cornering agility to traction is calculated by Ferrari’s design and engineering team.

One of the ways Ferrari improves the aerodynamics of the 488 is through increasing the downforce over the front of the vehicle. The Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is the company’s first car in the one-make series to offer an option to modify the front downforce independently of the rear. This allows drivers to modify the downforce balance without adjusting ride height.


Making sure the electronic software of the car accounts for increases in performance or capability is as important as aerodynamics. As a result, Ferrari’s Side Slip Control (SSC) system offers new settings for the 488 Challenge Evo.

Ferrari gave the 488 an innovative braking system that reduces brake wear over the course of a race. Take a look inside of the interior and you will know this is a pure race car. The cockpit features a racing steering wheel with paddle shift locations designed to keep the driver’s hands in the perfect position. 

There is even a rear camera on the 488 Challenge Evo to increase driver visibility behind the vehicle. Ferrari surely anticipates that drivers of the 488 Challenge Evo will leave a lot of headlights in the dust on that camera. With so many improvements, the new Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo is ready to race.

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