Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

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Tracking Ferrari’s progress over the years is easy with the limited edition 488 GT Modificata. The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata is for use exclusively on the track or at select Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events. 

It may not be the Ferrari you take out for a nice drive through the countryside, but it will shred asphalt at the track. Why? Well, it is an unrestricted version of Prancing Horse track icons: the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE. 

Many race events feature several regulations teams must follow to qualify for competition. This one throws the rulebook out of the window, at a very high speed.

From there, the details only become more enticing. Any Modificata Ferrari is special. Modificata defines cars that Ferrari continues to perfect for improved performance. 

Many cars see track time for testing, but the 488 Modificata saw plenty of circuit action in its development stage. Not just any track either, Ferrari used the famous Nordschleife circuit to fine-tune the balance between aerodynamics and mechanical performance into perfection.

Ferrari race cars offer some of the best handling four wheels ever experience, but the new 488 GT Modificata may be the pinnacle example. Ferrari engineers chose the same suspension their racing team uses in the 488 GTE, a car that actually competes in the FIA WEC World Championship. To most non-race drivers, this will feel like a car that handles on rails.

Perhaps the engine is the most seductive feature of all. Since it is no longer limited by the FIA Balance of Performance regulations, Ferrari lifts the restrictions while adding new technologies to an already stellar engine. In fact, the twin-turbo 3.9L V8 now produces close to 700 horsepower. 

The engine is mid-mounted in this rear-wheel drive Ferrari race car. A carbon fiber clutch and manual gearbox handle shifting duties. Although there is plenty of modern racing technology in the 488 Modificata, driving it still offers authentic Ferrari racing purity. 

Other improvements to the 488 GT Modificata over its regulation-restricted racing counterparts include improved aerodynamics to increase downforce. An advanced Brembo brake system provides stopping power on a dime. A very expensive dime.

Now that you want a Ferrari 488 GT Modificata for yourself, it is time to read the fine print. This car is so exclusive it is only available for Ferrari’s sport customers who actually compete in GT championships. If that does not include you, your best bet is to get your hands on a PS5 while hoping this car finds its way in Gran Turismo 7.

Either way, get ready to experience the full potential of a Ferrari race car with the 488 Modificata. Bring your helmet.

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