Ferrari SP48 Unica

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Who wouldn’t want a one-of-a-kind Ferrari? That’s why Ferrari developed its Special Projects program. This division works in collaboration with the client to create a truly unique and bespoke Prancing Horse experience. One of the Special Projects creations is the Ferrari SP48 Unica. This car is gorgeous and fast. 

The SP48 is built on the Ferrari F8 Tributo platform and it shares the same twin-turbo V8 engine. Sure, you can see similarities but it is very clear in places such as the front profile and rear taillights that the SP48 has influence outside of the F8. 

Inside the SP48 Unica you will find what you expect from a Ferrari. Impeccable craftsmanship using premium luxury materials to achieve a perfect fit and finish. From the Alcantara seats to the carbon fiber accents, this Ferrari proudly displays its luxury sports car heart with its racing soul.

Ferrari SP48 Unica

Nobody should expect Ferrari to release the performance specifications of a one-off Prancing Horse. With that being said, it is fun to speculate. Obviously the SP48 is going to be as good as the F8 is, at the very least. Considering the twin-turbo 3.9L V8 engine in the F8 Tributo produces 710 horsepower, the SP48 Unica likely has some slight modifications to produce a little more power than that.

Just like the F8, the SP48 Unica is a mid-engine design. This gives you the vintage Ferrari experience complemented by the most advanced driving technology available in the modern industry. That translates to precision handling, superior aerodynamics, and breathtaking driving dynamics.

Of course, there is one kicker. There is and will only ever be one Ferrari SP48 Unica. To the longtime Ferrari collector and owner who collaborated with the Special Projects program, kudos to you. This is a bespoke Ferrari done right.

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