Field Notes Campfire Edition

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Stylish, detail-oriented guys have no doubt become quite familiar over the years with Field Notes Brand. And if you’re just catching on? Welcome to the club. The brand makes simply crafted and well-made notebooks for your pocket, your passport wallet, your glove box — if you can store handy goods in it, you should probably be storing a Field Notes in it.

The brand’s Quarterly Edition celebrates fire — a unique touch that your average pad of Post-It notes doesn’t have going for it. With a cool concept behind it and a neat story behind the creative process (inspired in part by the brand’s stock of vintage notebooks), you’ll hopefully build just as many stories with the Field Notes Campfire Edition.

It’d be worth buying the set and filling them up with tales of adventure, preferably written around a campfire far away from the hustle and bustle of work. Doesn’t that sound worthy of a purchase? – $13

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