FilmQuake: The Most Disruptive Films in Cinema

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All of us humans are, at heart, storytelling animals. And in the progression from hunting tales around the fire to poetry and novels with heart and soul and epic adventures, we’ve landed on movies and television as our latest iteration of this most human desire to share with each other.

The hallmark of any truly good story—no matter the medium—is that it changes something about the way the listener sees the world. In Ian Haydn Smith’s FilmQuake: The Most Disruptive Films in Cinema, the author takes a close look at the movies that have done just that: Changed the way that huge swaths of people see the world. Classics like Citizen Kane and Wanda are considered here, as well as more avant garde films like A Short Film About Killing that have deeply challenged the status quo of modern life. Read this book, and you’ll likely go away with a much greater appreciation for movies as a way to influence thoughts (rather than just as entertainment).

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