Filson Blanket Robe

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The Snuggie was a great, if ill-fated, idea. Who wouldn’t want the comfort of a blanket in a wearable robe? But it turns out the whole turning it around backwards thing just doesn’t cut it for anyone that doesn’t want to look a bit silly. 

What Filson is doing with their Blanket Robe is what the Snuggie aspired to: Making a robe that’s not overly heavy, but will keep you warm enough that it can act as a blanket. Handmade in the Pacific Northwest from a cotton and wool blend, its knee-length cut and button-front closure set it apart from your standard bathrobe design. You’ll want to wear it every morning while you’re making coffee, and every evening while you sip on a nightcap—and if I’m being honest, you’ll want to wear it to work too (here’s hoping your boss will let you).

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