Filson Dryden Briefcase

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If you’ve already taken to wearing your Filson overshirt or jacket plenty so far this winter, then you’re in luck, because it’s high time you started making the Filson Dryden Briefcase your go-to everyday bag.

The Dryden Briefcase is a timeless classic when it comes to the best men’s bags on the market, and we mean every word of that. It’s nearly instantly recognizable if long-lasting goods are your thing — which they certainly should be. As sold by Gallantry, the Dryden Briefcase is beastly and remarkably tough, made with ballistic nylon and a double-layer base — ensuring this bag handles as well in city streets as it does on the trail.

Handsome bridle leather straps and accents should last for years to come while aging handsomely, and the fact that this bag is also water-repellant means that, again, you should turn it into yet another everyday must-have from this revered Pacific Northwest brand. Can you tell we dig it? – Shop Now

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