Finch’s Beer Co. Threadless IPA

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Finch's Beer Co. Threadless IPAWhile at the Chattanooga Craft Beer Festival last weekend, a couple of us got a chance to taste the Threadless IPA, a collaboration between Finch’s Beer Co. based in Chicago, and the crowd-sourced t-shirt company Threadless. It was one of the first beers we sampled, so our taste buds were relatively intact for a proper taste test.

A sharp but pleasing hoppy bitterness is noticed just as soon as the dark amber-colored beer hits your palate, followed by an unexpected yet refreshing blend of fruity, citrus flavors. Finch’s Beer Co. uses melanoidin and Victory malts for the Threadless IPA, adding Columbus first wort hops before and after boiling for a well-balanced bitter taste. Although we didn’t quite get our fill of the Threadless IPA since there were also many other craft beers to drink, we know where to find it, and we definitely give it two inebriated thumbs up. Check out Finch’s Beer Co. for more info.

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