Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie

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Fishbone Knotless Gear TieMost men love paracord because it can be used for nearly anything in any weather conditions. Untying a knot in parachute cord, however, is harder than a diamond in an ice storm. The Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie solves the knot problem by eliminating knots to begin with. Available in an aircraft aluminum, titanium, or stainless steel construction, the Fishbone’s design utilizes friction to tighten the paracord around your targeted object, while its smoothed edges prevent it from catching on other gear you’re working with. It is perfect for using inline, in-loop, or quick release for utility applications, although any number of wraps should do the trick. We don’t recommend hanging from any cliffs with the Fishbone Gear Tie, but it could definitely come in handy on your next camping trip.
Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie $11+
Fishbone Knotless Gear Tie

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