FLASHr Notification Case

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With the multitude of iPhone cases on the market today, a few of them are beginning to serve more than one purpose. The FLASHr case not only protects your precious iPhone, but also visibly alerts you to your notifications by lighting up in the color of your case choice. Powered by the iPhone’s LED camera flash, the Flashr uses a reflective aluminum plate to bounce the light emitted from the LED camera flash back into the phone, thus lighting up the colored case. On a typical Friday night when your phone is blowing up with calls and texts, your iPhone will give you a veritable flashing light show. Perfect for any situation to alert you to updates on Twitter, Facebook, Apps, texts, and the like. head on over to their Kickstarter page now, pledge some dough, and get yours first.
FLASHr Notification Case 35$

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