Flycraft Stealth Inflatable Fishing Boat

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It’s a fact universally acknowledged that 99% of fishing-related arguments occur before your boat hits the water. Sure, there are minor disagreements over the best spot to drop anchor, there are some valid glares when someone casts over your line, and your buddy really IS going to scare those fish if he doesn’t shut up, and you’re not afraid to tell him. However, the real friendship-enders happen when you’re loading and unloading.

Running out of fishing buddies who will put up with the names you call them because they can’t follow even your most basic of instructions? It happens, but Flycraft may have the solution. The Flycraft Inflatable Stealth Boat is eight boats in one and fits in the trunk of your car. With options starting at the Stealth Base Package all the way up to the Stealth Motor Package, you can hit all your usual uncrowded spots without the hassle of hitching up your trailer and testing the boundaries of your lifelong friendships.

Each model starts with a five air chamber bombproof base, Leifield C7 valves, an ultralight aluminum frame, and spring filled swivel seats. A high capacity air pump and field repair kit are also included with each package, so you’ll have everything you need no matter the model you choose. With financing available, you can be on the water for as little as $138.19 per month. Learn more at Flycraft USA.

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