FlyNano Electric Water Aircraft

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We don’t throw the word “insane” around lightly here at GearMoose. But this thing is exactly that. Designed and built by Finnish aircraft experts, FlyNano is an open-cockpit, all-electric seaplane with a 15 foot wingspan and a 75 mile an hour airspeed. At 155 pounds, only the most svelte among our readers will weigh less than the craft itself, with that lightness delivered by the handcrafted carbon composite body.

Head to any body of water (with at least a quarter mile of open water) and engage the 32 kW motor. Reach 56 miles an hour and prepare to take to the air. You get 15 minutes of flying time and no pilot’s license is required (though flying skills are non-negotiable). Should the plane unexpectedly lose power (or you lose track of time) the craft can be landed safely by gliding.

They’re taking “letters of intent” from interested buyers now, so get your wetsuit and helmet ready (as every pilot needs them to fly). If you’re bummed because no suitable body of water exists near you, not to worry, FlyNano is working on an amphibious version in the years to come. – Learn More

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