Foiler Flying Yacht

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So you get yourself a yacht. That’s cool and all, but can it fly? This one can. While it’s not launching itself into orbit, it can scream along at 40 knots with the hull hovering 5 feet above the water. How does it do it? We’d like to suggest sorcery, but in fact it’s physics. Using four hydrofoils — those submerged, wing-like fins you see in kiteboarding, sailboarding and surfboarding — the Foiler generates enough lift at 18 knots to hover the carbon fiber hull high above the water, gliding on the foils.

Twin BMW diesel engines power the boat’s electrical generators which in turn power the dual torpedo propellers. The result is a boat that can cruise silently in all-electric mode up to 10 knots, but delivers 320 horsepower for speeds up to 40 knots. When it’s time to add a yacht to your lineup, it may as well be one that can fly. Learn more at Foiler.